Kimberly Thomas

Assistant Operations Manager - Philadelphia Conveyancing Kimberly Thomas

In 2000 Kimberly started working as a junior conveyancer for a small title company/law firm in Center City Philadelphia, typing title reports, clearing titles, balancing ledgers and typing policies. She learned the business and within a year she was doing settlements while earning her associate’s degree in behavioral health and human service. After eight years as a settlement officer, she joined Trident Land Transfer as a settlement coordinator, so she could focus on her interest in title clearing. She enjoys “paper sleuthing” because it makes her feel like a detective. Pursuing her passion has paid off. She currently serves as assistant operations manager of conveyancing for our Philadelphia teams. She also serves on our Culture Design and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committees.

"I love that this job lets me use both my sleuthing skills and my background in human service."

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