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COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGEThe Extra Protection We Recommend

Trident Land Transfer strongly recommends the Enhanced Title Policy to our homebuyers. This policy provides the most comprehensive coverage available for a modest one-time premium. The enhanced policy includes important coverages not provided in standard policies:

Standard policies do not increase their coverage amount as the property increases in value. The enhanced policy will increase coverage by 10% per year for 5 years up to 150% of the original policy limit.

Standard policies do not cover encroachments such as a neighbor’s fence or structure over a property line. Enhanced policies provide coverage for such encroachments, and also cover adverse possession which occurs when an encroachment exists for a period of uninterrupted years as defined in state law.

Enhanced coverage policies provide coverage if it turns out the property is not zoned for residential 1-4 family use, is in violation of subdivision regulations, or if there is a defect or lack of a building permit.

Enhanced policies offer coverage for easement encroachments such as deeded driveways, drainage easements, utility easements, beach and walking paths, etc.

Enhanced policies transfer to inheriting heirs, related family trusts and their beneficiaries.

Enhanced policies guarantee that the home has adequate vehicular and foot access over adequate streets or roads if there’s a title defect rendering the lot “land-locked.”