Debra Barr

Vice President, Regional Manager, Philadelphia Debra Barr

Debra has been in the title industry since before Adjustable Rate Mortgages existed! After years as a settlement officer, she welcomed the opportunity for growth in a management position. Today, in her role as vice president and regional manager for our Philadelphia region, she draws on her more than 35 years of industry experience. A licensed title agent in Pennsylvania, Debra has earned the Certified Land Title Professional designation from the Pennsylvania Land Title Association and has served on several industry committees. With a deep understanding of the legal aspects of the title industry, she enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge of the business and its intricacies with her Philadelphia team.

“I admit I’m a ‘title geek.’ I love to solve problems, then go relax in the garden or spend time with the grandkids.”

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530 Walnut Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19106